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Tekken 3

Tekken 3 has captured the hearts of gamers worldwide. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the world of Tekken 3, exploring its history, gameplay mechanics, character roster, and tips for mastering the game. By the end of this article, you’ll be armed with the knowledge to dominate your opponents and become a true Tekken 3 champion. You can also read Custom Resolution Utility Free Download.

Key Features

  • Cutting-Edge Graphics: Tekken 3 was a visual marvel of its time. With its detailed character models and fluid animations, it set a new standard for 3D fighting games.
  • A Varied Roster: One of Tekken 3’s standout features is its diverse cast of characters, each with their unique fighting styles and personalities. Soap2day Free Download
  • Engaging Storyline The game’s intricate plot revolves around the Mishima family feud, adding a layer of depth to the fighting action.
  • Move Sets and Combos: Each character in Tekken 3 has a wide array of moves and combos at their disposal. Spend time in practice mode to familiarize yourself with your chosen character’s move set and experiment with combos to find devastating sequences that catch your opponents off guard.
  • Defense and Counters: Defense is as crucial as offense in Tekken 3. Learn how to block, parry, and counter your opponent’s attacks effectively. Mastering the art of blocking can be the key to turning the tide of a match in your favor.
  • Mind Games and Timing: Tekken 3 is not just about button-mashing; it’s about outsmarting your opponent. Learn to anticipate their moves, create openings, and capitalize on their mistakes. Timing is everything in this game.
  • Practice Regularly: Becoming a Tekken 3 master requires dedication. Spend time honing your skills in practice mode and facing real opponents to improve your reflexes and adaptability.
  • Study High-Level Gameplay: Watch videos of professional Tekken 3 players to learn advanced strategies and techniques. Analyze their gameplay to incorporate their tactics into your own.
  • Join the Tekken Community: Connect with fellow Tekken enthusiasts through online forums and social media groups. Sharing knowledge and experiences with other players can help you refine your skills and stay updated on the latest developments in the game. GDPS Editor Free Download
  • Embrace the Competitive Spirit: Participate in local and online tournaments to test your skills against top-tier players. Embracing the competitive aspect of Tekken 3 can be a rewarding experience and drive you to improve.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
  • Processor: Intel Pentium II 266 MHz or equivalent
  • Memory: 32 MB RAM
  • Graphics: 16 MB DirectX compatible video card
  • Storage: 100 MB available space

How to Download & Install it?

  1. Download Tekken 3: First, you need to obtain the Tekken 3 game files. You can find legitimate copies of the game from various sources online, or you may have a physical copy of the game CD.
  2. Extract the Game Files (If Necessary): If the game files are compressed (in a ZIP or RAR format), use a program like WinRAR or 7-Zip to extract them to a folder on your computer. Make sure you have enough disk space for the extracted files.
  3. Install a PlayStation Emulator (Optional): It was originally designed for the PlayStation 1 console. To play it on a PC, you’ll need a PlayStation emulator. Popular options include ePSXe and PCSX-Reloaded. Download and install the emulator of your choice.
  4. Configure the Emulator (If Using): Open the emulator and configure its settings. This may include selecting the BIOS file (required for some emulators) and setting up controller inputs. Refer to the emulator’s documentation for guidance.
  5. Run the Emulator: Launch the PlayStation emulator.
  6. Load Tekken 3: In the emulator, go to the “File” menu and select “Open” or “Load.” Locate the Tekken 3 game file you extracted or the ISO file if you have it. Select the game file to load it.
  7. Play the Game: Once the game is loaded, you can start playing Tekken 3 using your computer’s keyboard or a compatible game controller. Configure the controls as needed within the emulator settings.
  8. Enjoy the Game: You’re now ready to enjoy Tekken 3 on your PC. Have fun mastering the game’s characters and engaging in intense battles.


Tekken 3 stands as a timeless classic. Its combination of stunning visuals, diverse characters, and intricate gameplay mechanics has solidified its place in gaming history.

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